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How To Love Yourself Despite Epilepsy

When epilepsy enters into your life, it can take a massive shot at your self-esteem. You’re not able to do certain things you once could do, you’ve got to rely on others for help, the medications that you take have the potential to cause you to lose or gain weight, and you might even feel different emotionally. There are just so many ways that living with epilepsy can cause you to feel awful, cause you to feel as though others look at you in a negative light, and even cause you to look at yourself negatively.

What do you do when you’re caught up in such a toxic whirlwind? How do you love yourself despite epilepsy being a part of your life?

Here are 5 ways I’ve found to help us love ourselves on our journeys with epilepsy:


  • Revamp your self-confidence: Is there a hobby or interest that you’ve had your eye on like painting or dancing? Take up something new! Challenge yourself to accomplish goals that you’ve set out for yourself. Having a hobby or an interest can also be great reliever of stress and anxiety.
  • Take care of your body: Living with epilepsy, and juggling the tasks of daily living, whether you’re a parent, spouse, or college student, find time to take care of your body. Perhaps take a power nap or read a book. Your body will thank you. Following my diagnosis, to name a few, I gravitated to exercise, a better eating habit, even returned to my love of reading books. All of which nourished my body, mind and soul.
  • Show love to others on the journey: We are all affected by epilepsy in some way. Whether diagnosed or caring for someone, or being that kind, compassionate friend. When you help others, you experience real joy in your life that surpasses that of any material possessions. When we give our hearts in kindness and love, we gain the blessings within life, and the greatest of these is happiness.
  • Reflect on how epilepsy has impacted your life in a positive light: Hard to imagine right? For me it’s this blog, each of you, the ability to help others. Has epilepsy made you a stronger person? Have you reached out and made a friend or friends? When we can find that silver lining, we find it’s much easier to accept epilepsy in our lives.
  • Throw away the blame game: Having epilepsy never was, never is, and never will be your fault. We didn’t ask for it to come into our lives and flip it upside down. Yes, in life with epilepsy, there are changes that need to be made for the betterment of our health. Yes we may need a bit of help from time-to-time, yes we may need to have limits or sideline certain activities in order to avoid seizure activity. Regardless, it is not our fault.

No matter how difficult epilepsy may be, treating yourself with love and kindness will make the journey easier. It helps to unfold the assurity that you can in fact rise above obstacles that stand before you.

What are some of the ways you practice self-love along your epilepsy journey?

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Tiffany Kairos

I am a happily-ever-after wife, an epilepsy diagnosee, advocate for epilepsy awareness (The Epilepsy Network), life lover & Christ inspired! Life is a journey and I'm loving every moment of it. Even the bumps in the road!


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