Page Turners: Exploring Epilepsy Through Books

Books have always been a part of my life. Whether exploring another world or improving my health and wellbeing.

As a result of my epilepsy diagnosis, I became motivated to learn more about both my own illness and that of others so I could support them.

Here, I’m diving into a topic close to my heart: Books written by people who understand the ups and downs of living with epilepsy.

Join me as I share my top picks, offering insights and personal reflections along the way. In our shared experiences, storytelling has the power to educate, inspire, and bind us together.

Seize The Day – Abby Gustus Alford

This book was written to encourage teens and adults to live the life they have always dreamed of, with an understanding of the emotional and physical struggles one with epilepsy and their families encounter.

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads

Electro Girl – Lainie Chait

She invites you to share her portrayal of a life lived with epilepsy, from denial to acceptance.

Available: Amazon, Google Play, Website

Mighty Mike Bounces Back – Robert Snead and Mike Simmel

Mike has epilepsy. He worries about having seizures at school and being different from his friends. But when he starts playing basketball, Mike uncovers a positive way to calm his mind, improve his health and bounce back from adversity.

Available: Amazon

Gotham Girl Interrupted – Alisa Kennedy Jones

From irreverent NYC blogger Alisa Kennedy Jones comes an account of her “misadventures in motherhood, love, and epilepsy”

Available: Amazon, Goodreads

A Mind Unraveled: A Memoir – Kurt Eichenwald

This is the story of one man’s battle to pursue his dreams despite an often incapacitating brain disorder.

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads

Don’t forget to share your own recommendations and thoughts in the comments – I can’t wait to hear what books have touched your heart!

Tiffany Kairos

I am a happily-ever-after wife, an epilepsy diagnosee, advocate for epilepsy awareness (The Epilepsy Network), life lover & Christ inspired! Life is a journey and I'm loving every moment of it. Even the bumps in the road!

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