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Epilepsy Quirks

The journey in living with epilepsy hasn’t always been without its stumbles and trials. Regardless, I’ve learned quite a bit throughout the years. In having developed a tougher skin, absorbing wisdom and learning more each day, it’s important to not allow yourself to get swept away by the whirlpool of negative emotions. Pessimism. Sadness. Anger. Depression. Fear. Rather than glancing at my epilepsy and seizures and crumble to pieces, giving the negativity permission to take control, I choose to have a good laugh at the quirks that are a part of my epilepsy.

Below are some of the quirks that amuse me. Share yours in the comments below!

  • Wearing my sunglasses on a cloudy day and hear someone proclaim, “Why are you wearing sunglasses when there’s no sunshine?”
  • Come time to take medication, proclaim, “It’s time to tame the beast!”
  • Slinking down into my shirt like a turtle in their shell when passing by police vehicles’ flashing lights.
  • Holding a complete and perfect conversation while waiting for a simple partial seizure to pass. Proclaiming, “This’ll pass in just a sec.”
  • Staring at the floor during a movie and/or concert to avoid flashing/strobe lights.
  • Daydreaming about what I’d do to epilepsy if it were standing before me.
  • Concerned that a seizure-free streak is an indication of an impending seizure.
  • Wearing my sunglasses in stores due to the fact that fluorescent lights and my epilepsy just don’t get along.
  • When shopping, scanning the ingredients of food products very closely because some ingredients can in fact cause a seizure. Yes I’ve been looking at that bag quite a while. Don’t judge. (Laughing)
  • Describing the multiple things my head feels like it’s been hit by following a seizure.
  • Giving myself permission to have a lazy day following a seizure. Comfort food and movies. Two thumbs up!

What along your journey with epilepsy would you consider a quirk?

Tiffany Kairos

I am a happily-ever-after wife, an epilepsy diagnosee, advocate for epilepsy awareness (The Epilepsy Network), life lover & Christ inspired! Life is a journey and I'm loving every moment of it. Even the bumps in the road!


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    A can’t name a specific quirk. I’m just quirky. But my epilepsy DID turn 21 this year. If I could, I’d take it to a bar and get it drunk. Then I’d punch it in the head, stick it’s finger in an electrical outlet, and ask it how it felt after. That may sound harsh, but after 21 years, it’s payback. I agree with everything regarding photosensitivity. I live in the dark. Tinted glasses or transitions. I hardly realize when the light isn’t on anymore because I’ve grown so accustomed to it. I love Rhonda describing her myoclonic jerks as dancing. That’s a new one and I may have to steal it. 🙂

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    My husband & I describe my myoclonic jerks as dancing. “Sorry, Rhonda’s gotta go to bed now; otherwise she dances in the morning.” We chuckle; other people don’t see the humour! Hey, that’s how you cope!

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    After my diagnosis, thing that has perked my interest the most in my number of “quirks” gives a very empowering emotion. I was fifteen when hit by epilepsy, something I never even considered could happen to me. It took a while but eventually after some chance encounters I learned that I could use mind over matter to lower my chances of seizing. It’s in no way a cure but if I can reduce my seizures with this by 50%, then I welcome it. Heck if anything it makes me feel empowered as to who I am.

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